Silver - Breakfast Day 1
Thales Canada Inc.
1 Chrysalis Way, Ottawa, ON, K2G 6P9
Contact: Kevin Payan

In our interconnected world, trust is essential for societies to flourish: trust in our institutions, systems, technology, and each other.

The people who make our world go round – they rely on Thales to help build a future that is safer, greener and more inclusive.

In Canada, Thales innovates for customers with high-stakes goals and critical missions.

As a prime contractor and trusted long-term partner, Thales helps the Canadian Armed Forces and other defence entities achieve mission success, secure the stability that makes sustainable progress possible, face decisive moments with confidence, and navigate new frontiers with optimism.

Thales is also harnessing its digital expertise to accelerate Canada’s innovation economy, collaborating with start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses to meet the robust mission needs of our Canadian customers.

So that together, we can harness the extraordinary power of technology to build a future we can all trust.


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